The Ever Growing Popularity of Nuru Therapy


You will find these days that out of all the different types of erotic massage therapy that Nuru massage has now really become one of the leaders in terms of popularity. Some have metioned it is not only the most erotic in the way it is performed but can be quite an intimate technique of massage and more so than even tantric in the opinion of many that swear by such a therapy

Perhaps the most notable difference between this and the most similar type of therapy, which is the traditional body to body style massage is the tools that are used for the trade. Essentially they are very similar in the masseuse does use her body to carry out the massage. The key difference being is that the Nuru gel that is used to carry out the technique

This allows for a very slippery massage session and this is one of the reasons that you will hear it sometimes referred to as body slide as well. It is not a surprise either that this is bade from seaweed extract as you can really see from the slipperiness of the texture.

You can get this type of massage in many cities around the world, although for the most authentic version you would of course need to go to the home of Nuru, being Japan. Having said this due to the sheer number of practitioners across the globe now and good training many find that a London nuru massage for example can be just as good as one found in the streets of Tokyo for example.

For those that haven’t already had the pleasure of this therapy, then it id definitely one to at least research and at some point to give a try as really does bring a different dimension to most other techniques that are currently out there


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